It’s A Great Time To Be Canadian!

07 Mar
While many parts of the world are struggling economically and housing has become out of reach for many, Canadians are still enjoying vibrant times in both housing and the overall economy. Credit agencies around the globe continue to rank Canada in the top echelons of well managed countries.

Some facts

                -12.5 million households in Canada…31% rent, 69% own

                -of the 69% that own, 39.9 have a mortgage and 28.9% have no mortgage

                -69% of homeowners have more than 20% equity in their homes

                -1.5 trillion in household debt but 1 trillion of that is in mortgages

As Canadians we are in the fortunate position to be well equipped to take advantage of our responsible nature and the fact that interest rates are at the most favourable rates and terms in history. Looking at your own situation in the most of opportunistic times only makes for responsible and smart borrowing.

If you’re thinking of buying your first or second home, borrowing to invest to increase your wealth and take advantage of current tax laws or simply need to refinance all your debts into one, together we can put a plan in place that looks at all the choices you have to take advantage of this extraordinary time.

Your options are as unique as you are, call or email me today and together let’s start exploring your opportunities.

By the way we just introduced a new corporate video and it’s gone viral. Have a look, it’s quite funny.



Marcello Tancredi,

Mortgage Professional






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